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Business of Comedy can be daunting, frustrating and downright maddening. You may have a strong set that kills in front of crowds but find yourself ignored, treated badly and without a consistent flow of jobs or bookings in the calendar!

The secret that no one wants to talk about is that getting booked and developing your career has very little to do with "being funny". Your success in this industry will depend largely on whether or not you understand the business side of comedy.

You must learn and leverage the tools that will put the power back into your hands. Beyond going to overcrowded open mics with a bucket raffle system (that's actually rigged) or submitting to comedy festivals and never getting in, or entering comedy competitions that cost you money. 

Let's give you some actionable tools to help you build your career! 

Workshop will cover ...

-Techniques and tools that will get you booked

-How to make yourself essential in a crowded industry

-How to stand out from the crowd to ensure you can get booked

-Strategies for getting an agent/manager

-Ways to make money in comedy





Sunday, November 7th at PASADENA COMEDY 11:00am-12:30pm

Tuesday, November 9th at HOLLYWOOD COMEDY 7:30pm-9pm



Aidan started comedy in 2022. He has appeared on Comedy Central, Tru Tv, Hulu and NBC and recorded his special in August of 2022. Aidan has used his business background to become international headliner and keynote speaker with experience in corporate, college, club and theatre gigs.


Aidan has also written a best selling book with a foreward by Margaret Cho and launched The Art of Being YAY brand all about helping people laugh their way to their greatest joy!


Aidan has helped Jiao Ying Summers (Owner of Hollywood and Pasadena Comedy) navigate the business side of comedy to great success. Jiao Ying has launched 2 comedy clubs, shot a comedy special, got 1 million followers on TIK TOK and is booked all over the country in 2 short years since her comedy debut.

More about Aidan at


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